Hey everyone, this week is finally when I leave for Japan (I’m actually writing this post as I sit at my gate, waiting to board my flight) and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve never flown by myself (let alone internationally) and it’s been relatively stress free so far.

One thing I really didn’t expect to see at the airport were instillation pieces and murals and pottery galore. The work that I was drawn to the most was Amberella’s 2D hearts. They immediately made me think of those chalky candy hearts that come in a small box with the cute sayings (which turned out to be the artist’s intent).

They made me really happy and I instantly felt very comfortable being in the airport and feeling like I was in the right place. Everyone that I’ve encountered (through asking for help) has been incredibly kind and it’s really great to have this type of positive experience being this is my first time flying. As for Japan itself, I’ll be taking a TON of b&w photos with my film camera and will be sure to upload those when I can.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year’s and safe travels to those who will be flying or driving!

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