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One of the first mediums I ever enjoyed when it came to photography was nature. The world around us never fails to have a tremendous amount of beauty, no matter the season or weather.

In the Summer/Spring, everything is so vibrant- green trees, brightly colored flowers, amazing skies… everything is just so alive and it almost feels magical.

With Autumn comes more colorful surroundings but in a different way. Instead of the flowers being multiple colors, it is the leaves on the trees and it is a interesting process that never fails to mesmerize me.

Winter is the exact opposite of colorful, which is what makes it so fun. Since there is snow all over the ground, it is a great way to put emphasis on your focal point. Just put it somewhere outside and it will instantly pop out. With winter also comes holiday lights which is very fun to experiment with.

I, personally, am very obsessed with the sky. Every second of the day it looks different from the formation of clouds to the color. Furthermore, who doesn’t love a good rainbow on a bright day?

Nature shots are almost easy because the photographer does not have to do much; nature does it for you. When it comes to the sky, all you have to do is find the position in which you think captures the beauty in the same way as you see it for yourself. I like having the whole scene rather than just the sky, so I usually include whatever area I am. It puts emphasis on how far the eye can see. Meanwhile, if you are taking a photo of anything else, there is more work. As for me, I like putting focus on one thing and blurring out the rest, but you do not have to. Besides focus, you have to find a good angle to portray your focal point (one side or the other, top view, bottom view, slight angle). Your options are never ending and is all up to you.

My favorite thing about nature shots is the fact I do not edit them in any sort of way. I do not add any filters or fix anything, it’s all natural just as it should be!


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