All Together

Below is all of the fly fishing drawings as a whole.

I am pleased with the result of this project. I learned many new methods while creating these pieces and even found a style that I enjoy quite much. Using black to generalize the shadows and adding in the solid colors presents a sharp and simple visual. I also like the “smoky” effect in the background.

Eventually I will go back in and experiment a bit more with the color of the backgrounds and the sharpness in my earlier pieces. As I went along, I made improvements and I am not satisfied with the first few works as much as the most recent ones.

I will definitely use this style in the future and continue to create pieces similar to these.

Rod Set Up - Illustration



Roll Cast



Untitled 6

On the Fly

Untitled 3


I found myself very involved while creating these pieces because of my strong connection to fly fishing itself; it made the process that much more enjoyable. To me, fly fishing is not just a sport, but a way of life. Although the catch is the trophy, it is the process that matters the most. It is up to the fisherman to apply the many lessons and experiences found on the river. I am grateful not only for the teachings of the river, but to have the opportunity to spend this time with my brother who appreciates it tenfold.

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