Allentown Art Museum

I’m so excited to share with you my experience at the Allentown Art Museum.The museum is a relatively small museum founded by local and celebrated Artist Walter Emerson Baum in 1934. This was my very first time going to this museum and I was very educated and enlightened with what was on displayed. The Allentown Art Museum is truly a gem of a place. It offers a somewhat idiosyncratic permanent collection and a variety of visiting exhibits as well. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a large mural  and on the side it shows a time capsule of how it was actually painted and lay down each color.

I have a few pieces that were very interesting to me which I will be talking about today. The first one was the

Stephen Antonakos: The Room Chapel

This work represents not only the realization of formal, geometric and spatial concerns explored throughout the artist’s career, but also recalls his early years in a small mountain village in Greece, where tiny chapels served the spiritual needs of people throughout the country. Being in this isolated room, I can truly say has messed up me and my fellow classmates equilibrium, it felt like we were upside down the way the walls were adjacent to one another. Coming out of this lit room calls strain on your eyes. However, it was ease to adjust and well worth it.

The second is

Molas: Social Fabric

Molas are colorful reverse-appliqué panels made by the Guna, an indigenous people who live in Panama. Since the 1600s, the Guna have maintained trade and diplomatic relations with Western countries. Guna women began using foreign trade cloth to create bold mola panels for their blouses around the turn of the twentieth century.

If you look closely you can see every zigzag stitch and how each fabric was press in a clean straight line before overlapping each fabric other. I will highly recommend if you had the time to visit this museum. They have a variety of different paintings and sculptures at different times.




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