The Amazing Bob Ross

Almost every person who has studied art, and many who just admire art know of the fantastic Bob Ross. For those who do not know of this god-of-a-man I highly recommend if not demand that you watch some of his videos *all of his videos* and become an expert on him overnight.

Bob Ross is most well known for his painting instructing on the TV show “The Joy of Painting” where he gave step by step instruction on how to create beautiful landscapes.  His oil painting tutorials are great to watch for painting ideas, learning something new, if you need to relax or even while meditating.

Although he hated his Afro hair,  that and his “happy accident attitude” and love of squirrels were his classic trademarks that has the whole world falling in live with him again with the re-vitilization of his videos on YouTube. So please enjoy a relaxing week with Bob Ross

Bob Ross Meme

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