Almost Done

This week is my last week of classes and I could not be any more stressed. I am getting my portfolio together for my Green Piece class, which isn’t hard, but I had to make my own portfolio out of difficult poster paper. It turned out ok only because I drew with a metallic marker.

Diy portfolio

We also have our coal mining project due this week! I am so tired of this project so I can not wait until it is done, LOL. This week my group member attached burlap to the one side but when she tried to burn it a bit it caught on fire. Thankfully, my other group member came up with another idea. She plastered some paper around the lung so when we paint the plaster it will look like the surfaced caved in. We still need to put the flowers onto the other side and then hang from a tree, but hopefully that wont take long. I am just hoping people get the idea and we get a good grade in the end!

Wood lung with photos and plaster

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