Exhibit in Wilkes Barre

This weekend I had a little bit of free time before I started working on some of my final projects and went to Wilkes University with a friend to see the exhibit they had featuring Andy Warhol. My friend was a huge fan of his work and I had only seen a few of his works so I was interested in what they featured.

The small gallery featured some of his variations of Marilyn Monroe and his famous Campbell’s soup cans. To my surprise, upon closer inspection, a few of the pieces came from Marywood University’s own Maslow Collection. I also found out that Andy Warhol was a very shy man who was able to meet celebrities through his art. He was also passionate about film and almost pursued film instead of painting.

The Sordoni Art Gallery in Wilkes University was mostly empty while we were there so all of Warhol’s paintings, photographs and his short film were unobstructed. The exhibit will be displayed until December 20th and admission is free. Below are a few of the works displayed at the gallery. I would definitely recommend, if you have the time and means, that you visit the gallery in Wilkes Barre. The exhibition will be on display through December 20, 2017. For more information, visit http://www.wilkes.edu/SordoniArtGallery

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