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Between the Covers: Altered Books in Contemporary Art

Two weeks ago I was very fortunate and had the opportunity to visit the Everhart Museum in Scranton right near Nay Aug Park. This was the first time I have ever visited the museum and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. I saw their Between the Covers: Altered Books in Contemporary Art exhibit, which displayed what artists can create with books as their medium. The books are turned into sculptures and installations of all different shapes and sizes. The artists use techniques such as folding, drilling, shredding, carving, stacking, ripping, sewing, pasting, burning, assembling, and collage.

One of my favorite pieces in the exhibit was the Albert Einstein sculpture. Personally, Albert Einstein has captivated my attention lately. I simply find him very interesting! The sculpture was by far one of the most interesting piece at the exhibit. The front of the sculpture was a bust of Albert Einstein and as you looked and went to where the back of his head and neck would be it was all opened. But, in that opened area was all books of his shown. I wish I could have got a picture of it.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of any of the pieces so if anyone is interested you will have to see it for yourself and I highly recommend it! The exhibit was fabulous and is available until June 6th, 2016!

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