Student Spotlight: Allyson Hawk

Heya, heyo!  This week I’d like to introduce another graphic design major from my Ancient and Medieval World History class, Allyson Hawk. I also had printmaking with Allyson a few semesters back, and I remember her work from that class being great, but seeing a student in their element always blows my mind, and Allyson is no exception!  Allyson Hawk, everybody…

Meet Allyson:  Allyson Hawk

Name: Allyson Hawk, Class of 2016
Major: Graphic Design

I am majoring in Art because art has always been a passion of mine. My entire life I always felt the happiest when I was creating things. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my education or life.

The kinds of things that inspire me are, hmm… Disney has always been a huge inspiration of mine, but I really love to look at modern and clean things.

My favorite class so far was my Package Design class.

When I’m not in class I am most likely sleeping, eating, or watching Netflix with my cat.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was, well… I have a lot of projects that I’m really proud of so to pick one is hard. One of my favorites was a package design for a chocolate company I made up called “Life’s a Bitch”

When I graduate I’m moving down to Florida to pursue my dream of working for Disney. After that I plan on starting a marketing/graphic design firm with my sister.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because I haven’t had an art class here that didn’t help me discover a new talent. All of the teachers are so helpful and encouraging, and with the small class sizes, I’ve become close to the people around me. We help each others’ creativity flow.

Some of Allyson’s Work:


Love your work, Allyson!  I would buy those chocolates and DEFINITELY eat them while Netflixing with my cat!  If you see Allyson around, be sure to say hi, and check out some of her work on her website!

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