Final Critique

Sadly my painting class has come to an end and we had our final critique for the semester. I didn’t show all of my paintings from the semester but a small amount that I felt showed my progression in the class. We had to present three assignments that were given this semester as well as anything else we wanted to include.


Of the paintings shown here, I have made posts about all of these pieces besides the one on the far left. This one is a new direction I am going in by borrowing a composition from a master painter and abstracting the forms and colors to make it my own. It is unfinished but I plan to continue working on it.

I am interested in exploring all of the possibilities of painting and I feel this group of paintings is a small dip into this large pool of endless ideas. Each painting I work on leads to the next painting. I try to always be learning new things with each of my paintings and then apply that to my following pieces.

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