Altering Light

This week I venture into the dark side of photography, and that is Photoshop. Photoshop is the true black magic of photography. Once you feel the power of the dark side forever will it control your destiny.

Marywood Photography majors have to take two classes of Photoshop. Here you will learn the power to change shape, color, and even manipulate light. We use terms like frequency separation, high pass filter, and luminosity masks; these are some of the things you will learn and master. I like to use these words when I want to sound smart and artsy.

Our drop in Mac lab is where you will find me when I am not in the darkroom. In my featured image above, you can see how hard we work in our Photoshop class. One of my favorite things at Marywood is that all the Photography students are a like a family. You can sit in on any photography class and be a part of that class. All the professors know you and treat you like you are part of their class.

Our computer lab is a great place to work out your ideas and create your next great photograph, or just to hang out with some great people. I have learned so much and can do so much with Photoshop. I just have to remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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