Alumni Stories: Meet Aimee Dilger

Woman with green eyes and light skin and dirty blond hair
Aimee Dilger, Photojournalist and Marywood Alumna

This is Aimee with one “i” and two “e’s”. Aimee attended Marywood University in 1998 and graduated with her Bachelors degree in Photography in 2001. When Aimee attended Marywood she was involved in Bayleaf club which she enjoyed so much. Aimee now is currently working as a Photojournalist, which she has been doing for 16 years! Check out Aimee’s work at: or follow her on Instagram at: @aimeedilger

Bring Your Camera Everywhere

These are just a few examples of Aimee’s work. We love to interview our Alumni and are proud to share some of Aimee’s thoughts about Marywood.

What was your favorite part about studying art at Marywood?

I enjoyed the small class size and opportunity to work with professors on an individual basis. My photography education was really catered to my needs. 

How did your art education at Marywood help your career?

Marywood helped me to strive for what I wanted, I worked very hard and a long time to get where I am. 

What attracted you to this career path?

I started off as a graphic design major and when I took basic photo I loved it, when I took the photojournalism class with Sam Olfano I knew I wanted to be a photojournalist, it was exactly what I wanted to do

Did your career path match your vision of a career path? What is different?

No, so much has changed in the world of newspapers. I’ve adapted and will continue to adapt. 

What is your favorite thing about your current job?

I get to do so much and see so much. I’ve photographed every living President. I have made a difference in my community and brought light to homelessness which has helped people. 

Are you currently working on any interesting side projects?

I have no current projects I can share at the time. 

What are some of the biggest rewards in your career?

I’ve made change in my community and I’ve brought issues to light. 

What inspires you?


Any advice for current art students at Marywood?

Now is the time to learn, put yourself out there. Take chances. If you enjoy what you’re doing, do it and do it a lot. I teach a photojournalism class at Marywood and challenge my students to shoot all the time. Bring your camera everywhere.

It’s so amazing how one class, Aimee’s photojournalism class, changed her whole world and gave her a new light of direction. Aimee still is a photojournalist and loves every bit of what she does, what she sees, and were she goes. Not only is she talking about things that needs to be talked about she is bringing awareness to the community and helping change the world little by little. Hard work and dedication will get you were you want to go as long as you take those risks like Aimee did. Hope you all had the chance to vote and are staying safe.

Interested in studying Photography at Marywood?

Photography – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design
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  1. What a beautiful article Aimee. We are all so proud of you and love the pictures you post. You have a great eye for photography. Love you Aunt Patricia and Uncle Dave

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