Making a booklet

For my internship with Campus Ministry, the director Sister Cathy threw out the idea of doing a prayer booklet. It was an idea they had for a while but it never came to anything. She brought it up in a meeting and we ran with it. I organized some students to write the prayers and everything for the internal copy, next we figured out a title, and finally, I started designing!

It was all put together in Adobe InDesign. I have a good amount of experience in formatting copy for a book, since I’ve done it for a few classes. I chose the typefaces first, then chose the composition. It is all fairly modern looking. I chose Popins Bold for the titles and Futura Light for the body copy. Then I took some photos on campus and added those in to the booklet as black and white images.

We went through a few rounds of editing the copy, and this past week I finished making the front cover. I had a few ideas, and I knew I wanted the same bold fonts to be a focus. As I was playing around with the photos I had taken, I actually found a great photo on (copyright free images!), so I simplified it down to one gold photo on a light gray background with the bold title in white. I loved it, I loved the color combo, and I think the composition was interesting.


When I sent my design over to Campus Ministry, they decided they wanted something more approachable and easier to connect with for students, so I went back to the drawing board! I started playing with bolder colors for a background with textures, and still throwing around the photos I took. I ended up showing two designs: one solid color with texture, and another version of the original design, but with a photographic background. They chose the solid color, so we sent off the files to the printer!

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