Day in the Life

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well. This week I will be sharing some of my photographs from my latest photojournalism project. My project was a day in the life. I had to photograph one person to document their life. I chose to follow my dad around as he did barn chores to capture what he does in a day.

After I chose to be his “shadow” for the day, I regretted it a little bit. Not because I don’t have a good relationship with my dad, but because of the time he day starts. I don’t have a good relationship with early mornings, I don’t like waking up early unless I’m on vacation or its Christmas. I love to sleep in! Ask anyone I know and they will tell you this.

My day shadowing my dad started at 5:15 am being woken up and helping round my three younger siblings into the truck to go to the farm. Since my dad is raising them by himself, they are all morning people, unlike me and they love morning chores in the barn.

The morning that I chose to shadow, wasn’t warm but wasn’t freezing either, so I was content with being outside for three hours. Once we got to the barn I started snapping pictures. I didn’t stop snapping pictures until the chores were done. I then got to go eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee.

After that I had a couple hours break of shadowing my dad the farmer and got to spend time with just my dad for a little while since harvesting is done at the moment.

At around noon time we headed back to let the cows back inside so they could eat their food before night time milking. I was able to get a couple photographs of him letting the cows in, but not many because I ended up having to help put them in their stalls.

I was supposed to go back and photograph night time chores, but I wasn’t able to Because I wasn’t able to stay awake! I fell asleep while looking over the photographs that I took. I couldn’t believe it, I was upset that I fell asleep, but greatful that my dad let my sleep. Though I wasn’t able to photograph night time chores that day, I am able to photograph them another day, so I will share those photographs at a later time.

Here are the photographs that I took during chores and letting the cows in.

That’s all for this week. I’ll talk to you all next time! Stay safe and Healthy!

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