Book Illustration

Hey everyone! I am starting a new project in General Illustration 2 and it’s a book illustration project. I wanted to share the rough I am working on and where I am going with the idea. The book I was assigned is called On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

Passage from the book, On The Road

This is the book passage I chose to do because I thought it would be interesting to illustrate. I was thinking about putting two characters inside of a car and them getting chased by police cars. Basically, in this passage, this guy talks about how he tries to get away with speeding and not getting caught by cops. So, I would draw the driver with a kind of annoyed expression on his face and the person in the passenger seat with a scared face on since they are getting chased by cops. I also wanted to include a speech bubble of the driving saying the phrase said in the passage because I think it would be a nice touch.

Drawing of two men in a car getting chased by cops
Rough Draft

This is what I have so far for my concept. I still need to work on it, hence why it is a VERY rough draft. I still need to work on the look of the car that the two men are in because it doesn’t look quite right and I have to draw the other character in the passenger seat in. I am going to do this digitally, but I am just roughing it out on paper first so that way I won’t sit for hours trying to think of something.

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