From Glazing to Glazed

As the last week here wraps up I have all types of goodies flooding out of the kilns. Everything that has been sitting as a sad little piece of bisque on my shelf because I just didn’t feel like glazing it is getting dunked and dried and stuck in the kiln to get fired.

Among these are a variety of mugs that are lined up to get sold this upcoming weekend.

This set of six mugs is an odd ball – all of them slightly different but unified by style and color. They’re all wonky, uneven and warped with the same foot ring and handle to keep the series together.

The other style of mug I had going this week was a small set of four, basic shapes and smaller sizes. They came out nicer than expected with a classy little drip edge showing up after opening the kiln. Sometimes you get the unexpected and it turns out even better than you planned.

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