Making A Thought into a Reality

Something that’s been blowing my mind since quarantine are games and how we can enjoy games in general. Something I love to watch are sports, and this year was an odd one for doing that. Something else I enjoy are games of all kinds, of all skill level.

In my class this year, I was asked to create a board game! This is something that really interested me and got me excited for the final project of the semester.

My concept actually ended up getting chosen, and I got to design the part I really wanted to design – the characters! Working together as a group, we tried to design in unison with color but our own styles. My cartoon characters started as small sketches.

The concept was to create a board game all about penguins, primarily for kids. I wanted to really try to reach their level with childlike drawings and basic coloring.

Paying attention to what my target viewers will be look at is the most important thing. Kids need to think something is cute and cool to play with it.

Keeping that thought and keeping my drawings in unison will help my target audience be able to play the game and also want to buy the game a lot easier.

Not only are they cute, it teaches kids that penguins live in the cold, eat fish, and have orange tongues! Things that are cute can also be educational!

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