Going Virtual

With thanksgiving break just around the corner that means Marywood will soon switch over to a remote form of learning to finish out the fall semester of 2020 in order to avoid the spread of covid-19. This was the plan from the beginning and I believe it to be a wise decision, its given us painting majors to have ample time in thinking about setting up a work space at home rather than an abrupt, yet necessary, shift like that back in March. So, that being said, I should use this post to share with you my plans and handy tips to remember when painting from home!

I WILL NOT BE WORKING OUT OF THE BASEMENT THIS TIME! Although the basement aesthetic was sorta cool last time, after such a hard year I don’t this the dark and dreary basement will be so good from a mental health stand point. I will instead be working from the much brighter, yet smaller, empty sister’s bedroom upstairs. I used to use that room for painting years ago when she left for college and I remember it being a positive space for creating so I would like to have more that mindset this time around as opposed to the dungeon mindset in the early days of Covid! I would very much encourage you all to do the same. Working from home around your roommates or family can be annoying and stressful, from them not respecting your personal space, or just being SO loud, so be assertive about your space! Make sure theres good light and perhaps some nice flowers around to make it a happy place for your creativity! (Christmas is soon so maybe string up some lights!)

Also I think its important to note that it is very very very easy to get distracted while working in your home, so maybe DON’T do assignments close to or in view of your bed because 9 times out of 10 getting cozy and watching YouTube videos all comfy is FAR more appealing than doing school work. Trust me. Treat working from home the same way you would if you were still at school. Make times for breaks but prioritize your work! And of course, TRY to be clean. Yes, you need to be a little messy as a painting student (that’s, like, the best part!) But we must be respectful of others the same way you would want others to be respectful of you. So, let’s do this! Its not forever, so we have to deal with this shift the same way we have all gotten used to the shifting and overall craziness this crazy year has thrown our way!!

Featured image: https://unsplash.com/photos/f1rPr-sKI1s

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