Alumni Stories: Aubrey Bodt

Name: Aubrey Bodt, née Maggio  

Graduation year: 2011

Major: MFA Visual Arts – Painting

Marywood Clubs/Activities: Yoga at the campus gym  (not sure if this counts, but it was wonderfully helpful during stressful periods!)

Current Occupation: Art Therapist

How long at current job: 2 years

What was your favorite part about studying art at Marywood? I really valued feeling encouraged to pursue not only my major (painting) but to also find a way to carry my subject and interests over into other media; I fell in love with ceramic sculpture during my MFA and realized I was able to meet different needs through different media, but still tell a cohesive story. As a whole, the Marywood community was also wonderful – I acquired some of my best friendships there! Everyone was so incredibly supportive, kind, and nurturing, while also celebrating and embracing each other’s unique differences. The facilities, equipment, and studio space were also fantastic.

Any advice for current art students at Marywood? Be more involved in the campus community than with just your department/cohort. You’ll expand not only your friendships but also your experiences in life, all of which contribute towards being well-educated. In regards to both being a student in general, as well as and making art, never fear to ask questions; be open to trying something new that might challenge you and your beliefs, and be open to your intuition – it’s often the best guide.

How did your art education at Marywood help your career? I had an extremely personal experience of growth and catharsis through the creative process while attending Marywood. This experience ultimately helped steer me in the direction of wanting to help others find their voice and express themselves through the art-making process, therefore years later, I furthered my education with a Master of Science in Art Therapy & Counseling. So in this way, Marywood very much nurtured the seed that blossomed into my current career. As far as how my art education at Marywood helps my career as an art therapist today, Marywood allowed me to study a broad variety of media, which enabled me to develop a greater breadth of creative approach, skill, and knowledge. This experience directly transfers to my current job in that I not only have a large arsenal of creative processes for patients/clients to attempt, but I can also demonstrate a broad variety of processes and materials with confidence. This ability helps me build trust and rapport with patients/clients, as well as help them make informed decisions on how to best express themselves in the moment.

What is your favorite thing about your job? Helping people find the ability to express difficult, but important things that were previously inarticulable or psychologically inaccessible to them. It’s an immense honor to be a part of and witness people grow as individuals,  to overcome challenges, separate from and in spite of their mental illness.

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