Inventing Painting

For my art history class I had to write an analysis paper on the article Inventing Painting: Cristóbal de Villalpando, Juan Correa, and New Spain’s Transatlantic CanoThis article was about 35 pages and has some interesting parts. Below is what I wrote in some of my paper.

Cristobal de Villalpando

Cristobal de Villalpando

This article is about Cristobal de Villalpando, the most famous painter in New Spain during the year 1686. The main point of this article is to explain how Villalpando defined himself as an “inventor”. But, since this was the seventeenth century, the term of invention was rarely applied to painters. Villalpando signing off this he was an inventor could have had a more important role in history if this had only took place in the eighteenth or nineteenth century. This would have been a sign that artists were placing themselves with their European counterparts, but, sometimes things happen too early or late in history to make a real impact on the world, or in this case, artists.

Its interesting to think about how important little things in history really are.


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