Process of Painting with Duane Keiser

Hey guys! I decided to show you guys videos of artwork being made. These works are completed by Duane Keiser, an artist who is currently alive and has amazing artworks. He is in Richmond, Virginia. Much of the works that I have found online by Keiser are still life representations. Some of them are pictures of paintings, and others are videos of his work.

One of his time lapses videos show a still life of a flower growing throughout time, and wine being poured:

Another painted animation that I found is called, “Peel.” This time lapse is a fascinating representation of the peeling of an orange but through painting!

In an interview conducted in 2014, Larry Groff asked Keiser : “Please tell us what lead you to become a painter you are today?”

Keiser answered: Most of my current work addresses themes that can be traced back to the years I studied under Ray Berry as an undergraduate at Randolph-Macon College. But I can’t talk about early influences without mentioning the place where Ray taught me to paint–Pace Hall. Pace was built in 1876 and has been restored, but when I was a student in the mid-1980s, the second and third floors were condemned, and the first floor, which housed the art department, wasn’t much better. But the rooms were large and high-ceilinged with original bottle glass windows that lit the space like a cathedral. Up until the 1960s, Pace had served as the science building. Amazingly, there were still chemistry formulas written on the chalkboards in the abandoned labs upstairs, and old test tubes (and the occasional mummified dead bird) lying around. It was beautiful and haunting. Ray gave me the key to the building and I spent many days and nights making paintings of the interior. Pace was where I discovered Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hopper. It inspired my fascination with light and night. It was where I began to understand what Bachelard called the “poetics of space.” It is where I first began making small premier coup paintings of sunbeams as they moved across the cracked and peeling walls. That exercise would eventually grow into my Painting a Day project.

Personally, I believe that Keiser is a very talented and successful post modern artist.

Feature Image by Keiser called Vodka with a Lemon Twist | Here is a link to Keiser website 

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