Alumni Stories: Jennifer Nastasi

Jennifer Nastasi is one of many Marywood’s successful alumni. Seeing what she thinks about Marywood will be informative for all graphic designers.

Jennifer Nastasi

HeadshotGraduation Year: 2014

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: Art History

Marywood Clubs/Activities: SACI Alumni, Dance Company, Service Trips – Louisiana & Guatemala, SEARCH XXII, Women’s Group Leader

Current Occupation: Business Owner – Founder & Designer

As an undergraduate art student, you might not know where you are going to end up. It helps to see someone who has successfully entered the working world.

When asked about Marywood and her current job Jennifer’s response was positive on both accounts. Read how Marywood led her to her current job.

1.What was your favorite part about studying art at Marywood?

I loved the critiques after every project. It challenged my designs and the way I presented my work and myself. It was nice being able to bounce ideas and suggestions off of each other all in hopes that each classmate was creating their best work. I also loved the small classes. They allowed me to gain some amazing friends, some of which are still a huge part of my life today!

2. Any advice for current art students at Marywood?

My advice for current art students would be to explore all types of art and mediums, take every creative opportunity that comes your way and keep an open mind during your time at Marywood. It’s the perfect time to do so! You will find that certain classes, creative experiences or mediums aren’t for you, and that’s perfectly fine! It will only help lead you to what you love most and what field you’d like to go into after graduation.

3.How did your art education at Marywood help your career?

My art education at Marywood ultimately leads me to a successful career – being able to do exactly what I love doing every day. The faculty is truly amazing and always led me in the right direction if I ever had any questions, doubts or fears about the future. If someone told me that one day I’d have my own creative business specializing in hand lettering, I would have never believed him. They taught me pretty much everything I know about graphic design and typography, having had very little to no previous design experience in my life. I feel very fortunate for the experience I had at Marywood.

4.What is your favorite thing about your job?

I love the clients I get to meet and work with. It’s amazing being able to hear their ideas and then bring them to life. And of course, doing what I love to do every day is a huge added bonus!

Being a graphic design major myself, it helps to see what Jennifer had to say about Marywood and what she is doing with her degree. I encourage everyone to visit Jennifer’s website for more information:


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