Walking Around Ireland

I am currently in Ireland for spring break and I couldn’t be happier. We are staying in Galway and right outside our hotel is this huge metal sculpture called the Galway Hooker, a sculpture representing a sail. What a great name.

Batt, our tour guide, mentioned how one year he was explaining this piece to a tour group and wondered why the artist would let this rust and not do it out of a different material until one lady said it is supposed to be like that. Surprisingly a lot of metal sculptures are made to get rust on it intentionally. Artists have a weird way of thinking, especially if their artwork is going outside. Sometimes having the outside sculptures getting rust and plant life growing on it is the exact thing that they want.

There was also a lot of wall art all down the streets. You could really feel the culture when walking down the streets and seeing the old buildings and cathedrals made out of stone.

I’m very excited for our next stop in Dublin and then in Sneem!

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