Alumni Stories: Meet Marcy Sloan Williams

Name: Marcy Sloan Williams

Graduation Year & Degree: 2011 Bachelor of Fine Art and Design

Major: Interior Architecture/Photography

Current Occupation: Business Owner of Prints and Paints by Marcy, providing landscape/wildlife/real estate photography and commissioned painting services

How long at prior job: 7 years

Etsy Shop:

Instagram: @msloanfoto

YouTube: @printsandpaintsbymarcy

What was your favorite part about studying art at Marywood?

The best part about studying art at Marywood was the amount of knowledge I received in becoming a better artist today.

How did your art education at Marywood help your career?

It’s all about networking, and Marywood helped me meet so many new people who have helped me get to where I am today. In addition, I was really appreciative of some professors who continued to be there even once I was out of school.

What attracted you to this career path?

Even though my degree was that of Interior Architecture and combing that with my passion of photography, this eventually led to real estate photography. I think as an artist you need to obtain multiple traits within the art world and not stick to just one. It has helped open up to more job opportunities as well.

“I’d like to share to new students that are thinking about pursuing a career in the art field. Do it!”

Did your career path match your vision of a career path? What’s different?

Well like I said, I’m not an interior designer, but I still understand and carry those traits with me when I need them. No, the career path didn’t lead me to that field of work but learning architecture and dealing with real estate photography helps me understand spaces within a home. I understand lighting more and have a keen eye for staging when I need to photograph a home.

What is your favorite thing about your current job?

I am my own boss which for me as a mother of two now helps keep that balance well. Most women I know who have children always go through that struggle of balancing time between both.

Are you currently working on any interesting side projects?

Throughout lockdown and Covid times of 2020 I started pursuing Mandala Dot Paintings, a technique similar to pointillism. Over the past 3 years I’ve evolved that technique and started a YouTube Channel teaching others how to paint Mandalas. The amount of artists in that community is overwhelmingly wonderful. I’ve been able to not just meet people from around the world who take an interest in this craft but share ideas and be inspired. This direction took me to Etsy where I sell my work now as well. Also having this background of design I’ve developed a special Mandala Ruler that I have recently patented to create a template base for drawing mandalas. Social media has definitely helped with self promotion as well, in bringing in a large flow of beginner artists. 

What are some of the biggest rewards in your career?

With photography, I was published in a few books alongside some brilliant authors. Locally, I have had a few articles written about my artwork and I have had a few exhibitions. I’ve also become an ambassador for multiple camera equipment companies such as Cotton Carrier, Canon and SLIK tripods to name a few and I help promote their products. If I have to base this on pure emotion, that rewarding feeling is that I get to teach others how to master a particular craft of pointillism dot art. 

What’s something that would surprise people about your day-to-day?

My office job now consists of being out in nature or in my art studio recording and creating beautiful imagery. This used to be a side hustle and a hobby, but with the new way of social media I’ve used these tools to help advertise myself as an artist and I now get paid from these platforms.  

What inspires you?

Everything…I draw inspiration from almost anything. Whether it’s a feeling/mood or taking a hike through nature. Nature can give off some of the most brilliant color palettes I’ve ever seen.

Anything else you’d like to share?

After graduating, I discovered my love for photography full time. I was on and off a part time portrait and wedding photographer for many years after Marywood and a full time image editor for Lord and Taylor. The consistency of both was great, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I did side freelance jobs with interior design as well, in helping design a pop up store in New York City for Marc Jacobs. 

However, it wasn’t until after having my children that I decided to find work that suited my needs and wants. I developed both my passions of photography and painting, and it was then I created my business Prints and Paints by Marcy. I became a full time landscape photographer and painter. Within the past two years both my Etsy, YouTube, and Instagram have flourished and my sales have risen. Going to college at Marywood really helped me understand the basics and knowledge of different art mediums, it was my tool to guide me in the right direction. In the end however it was me that created my own path as an artist and I’ve gained great success from it. 

Any advice for current art students at Marywood?

I’d like to share to new students that are thinking about pursuing a career in the art field. Do it! You may think that you cannot find something steady that pays the bills but with perseverance and hard work you can achieve it. There are so many options when you realize what’s out there. Also, continue to learn, don’t focus on one particular medium, try different things and master them. In the long run that vast knowledge and skills you develop will help your future.

Etsy Shop:

Instagram: @msloanfoto

YouTube: @printsandpaintsbymarcy

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