From The Beginning

Art has always been an important part of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, creating art was one of my favorite things to do. Each year I participate in an art class or some form of social art making, even when I was in high school I chose to take as many art classes as I could even though students had the chance to choose any different elective. Art is not meant for everyone, but one thing I have learned about myself is that it definitely meant for me.

Drawing has always been a specialty and favorite of mine. The way materials slide across the page in ways that I can choose or not allows me to connect with myself and de-stress. Throughout my college career I have come to learn many skills and techniques for different forms of art making. It was only about a year ago in which I started learning ceramics. I have always imagined what it would be like to create with clay and I found out that I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy drawing. It has been a challenge trying to figure out how to use my hands to form certain shapes and designs with clay.

The first couple of things that I made with clay were bowls and a mug. Let’s just say it was an interesting experience but I made it work. A few bowls I created on the pottery wheel, while another was a different technique with slabs of clay along with the mug. To say the least, wheel throwing takes time and I am currently still trying to get it right but I work a little bit harder every time I try. Otherwise, hand making objects with clay is a ton easier to control. One way or another, with the slab bowl and mug, I created them to look like a set and it was an enjoyable experience to decorate and design. I am continuing learning new skills as I currently practice wheel throwing.

Ceramics is becoming a favorite form of art making the more I learn and practice. Soon enough I won’t be so much of a beginner anymore!

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