Alumni Update with Justin

For this week’s alumni update, I caught up with Justin who studied Art Education at Marywood. This is a very important field to get into….after all, I know I wouldn’t be here at Marywood without the help of my art teachers back home. None of us artists would be where we are today without our art teachers who show us how to express ourselves and produce great work.

Justin Hayden

Self-PortraitGraduation Year/Major:
Class of 2009, BA Art Education with Photography minor, Class of 2014, MA Art Education

Marywood Clubs/Activities:
PAEA (Pennsylvania Art Education Association), Zeta Omicron, Chi Alpha Epsilon

Current Occupation:
Art Educator at Western Wayne High School

1. What was your favorite part of the art department?

My favorite part was the professors. Beyond their classroom instruction, they are supportive, helpful, and personable.

2. How did your Marywood art education help you in your career?

Marywood taught me about having a unit plan with lessons, examples, handouts, rubrics and student evaluations. These resources are essential when starting a job.

3. Any advice for current students?

Get yourself out there! Exhibit your work, volunteer at school clubs/programs, and teach/tutor/coach after school activities. Become an active member of your community!

4. What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part is using art to inspire students to create work that they are proud of. I also love watching students’ artistic abilities and vision transform throughout their high school careers. I have several talented and devoted students who have made a huge impact on my teaching career.

5. What is your favorite art lesson to teach?

This is a difficult question….it would have to be the creation of Senior College Entrance Portfolios. This concentration-based portfolio is most challenging for both students and myself. Having seniors create a consistent body of work that demonstrates a specific style, subject matter and vision is no easy task, yet is the most rewarding.

Featured image: Demolishment by Justin Hayden. All images courtesy of Justin Hayden.


Are you interested in studying Art Education?

Marywood’s Art Education program trains undergraduates who are competent in studio art, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism to become art educators. Our bachelor’s degree in Art Education leads to K-12 certification.  The program includes coursework in art history, psychology, special needs accommodations, and more. LEARN MORE


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