Writing Your Résumé

What is a résumé?

A résumé is a brief summary of one’s education, qualifications, and previous experience at any kind of job. Typically résumés are used for job applications.

Jobs and Internships are something that every college student gets stressed about, which is normal. You are going to college to get an education to have a job for the future. Yet to take some of that stress away, having a well-written résumé can be helpful for you. You want to start building your résumé as soon as possible. You want to have enough information about yourself, your experience and your skills without going overboard.

Here are few tips on how to be successful with your résumé:

  1. Be brief but thorough when writing about your previous experience.
  2. Organize your information into categories such as education, experience, honors, and activities.
  3. If you’ve exhibited your work, list the show by the name, location, and year.

For more information on art résumés check out this website:  http://www.collegeart.org/guidelines/resume


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