An Antique Shop Find!

Almost a month ago, I went out for dinner with my parents where a few shops down from the restaurant there was an antique shop. Of course I found myself heading towards the shop. I could not resist, you never know what you could possibly find!

Unfortunately the shop was closed but there were a few things outside of the shop that caught my eye, like this gorgeous statue!

My first immediate thought was David, from the biblical tale David and Goliath! And for those who may be unfamiliar with the story, it is simply about a young boy, David, who defeats this colossal giant, Goliath. It is a classic underdog tale of the small and weak facing the big and strong! Because of this great righteous tale, David became a very popular figure in the art world; everyone wanted a David. He especially became popular in the early Renaissance, as he was a driving motivator for the people and a symbol of great victory.

Statues of David are typically displayed with that contraposto pose, which is displayed by the weight on one leg and having the other bent, it is that natural humanistic pose. Another major depiction that made me think David is the rock that is subtlety held in his left hand. His sling shot going across his body is another major indicator!

Sadly, the artist for this particular piece is unknown but it is beyond captivating and I could not resist the chance to stare it with everyone!

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