Less is More

It’s become more and more apparent to me that in design, less is more. I remember in high school my teachers would always say “less is more” and professors here in college say the same thing, and I think that it is a great motto to live by in the design world.

The reason that it is a good motto to go by is because when designing advertisements,  posters, business cards, logos, etc., you want to be able to get your point across easily and cleanly. Plus you want the design to be easily understood by its audience. Using simple images and text in a creative way can be very effective.

For example when you trying to design a logo you want for a specific company, trying to make it simple and clean but easy to read is very important because you don’t want audiences to read your logo as one thing and it meaning as something different.

So now when I am creating designs in my classes, or even just looking at other advertisements or logos around me, I always like to see if it is designed in an effective way. And if not, I ask myself what could have been done better.

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