An Encounter

This week I wanted to talk about my favorite project that I did in Visual Concepts. The project was to find a piece of music that was interesting, but didn’t have lyrics. There are a lot of pieces of music that don’t have lyrics, but I knew exactly what artist I was going to pick my song from. I picked a song called An Encounter by The 1975. The 1975 is an alternative group and one of my favorite bands around. Their music contains very strange noises and beats which makes them interesting.

So from the song that I picked, An Encounter, I then had to make a visual representation of that piece of music. It could have been from part of the song or the whole song. I chose the whole song because it’s only over a minute long. In order for me to start this visual, I listened to the song a few times to determine what I saw from the music. I saw dark and light blues, some dark orange, and little bit of purple. I also saw curvy lines of different sizes and different sized circles. Overall, the feeling of the song was like swimming in the depths of the sea, not really knowing where you are, but still witnessing the beauty of the unknown.

I now had to put all these simple visuals and feelings into interesting piece. I used the dark blues for the background and some of the lines that stretched through the whole piece. I also used the light blues for the main lines to add some depth to the piece. I used different sized blue circles with different opacities to add even more depth. After putting the lines and circles together I thought that it was complete, but realized it needed even more depth. So I added short purple lines with an orange outline of different opacities to fill up empty spaces and add the depth that I needed.

Overall, I believe that I captured the mysteriousness of the sea to match the interesting sound to the song An Encounter. AnEncounter2

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