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Slowly but surely, I’m still making stickers for my Redbubble account and I am having a blast while doing so. People from all over the world have been buying my stickers, like the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico for example, and it is such an awesome feeling knowing that people really like my work and want to showcase it. I even ordered a couple of my own stickers to see what they look like in person!

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The first thing I always think of when designing my stickers is whether or not I’d want to own them and put them somewhere, so I like to make sure that the answer is always in fact, yes. That’s really important to me; that I really love my own work and take pride in it that I would want other people to see it and know it is mine. That’s why I like to use a lot of watercolor and beach themed items in my work, I’m exploring and starting to develop my own personal style that one day others will be able to recognize.

Recently, I incorporated some more watercolor work into my design of two field hockey sticks. I play for the field hockey team at Marywood and I’ve enjoyed playing the sport  for a good amount of my life, so I thought why not make a cool sticker about something I love. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how popular it has been, and I think it helps that it’s unlike any of the other field hockey stickers on the site. I also took note of some of the other Redbubble artists’ work and noticed that a lot of them create a bunch of little individual stickers that all go together as a cohesive set. I decided to play around with that idea and make a set of wave stickers. I played around with a bunch of color palettes and really liked what I ended up with. Making stickers has been a really fun pastime for me lately, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me and what other stickers I’ll have made by the end of the summer.

4 thoughts on “Some More Stickers!

  1. Awesome post. I make stickers too, however not with RedBubble. What is your favourite kind of stickers to make? I posted a blog post about a really interesting sticker somebody made it you want to check it out:

    Also, I sell my own stickers too if you’re interested! You seem to like stickers so I thought you might want to check them out 🙂 Here’s my store if you feel like it:

    Thanks for sharing this post by the way! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! So far my favorite kinds of stickers to make are anything beach themed!! I’ll definitely have to check out the post and your stickers too! That’s awesome 😁

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