An Unnecessary Evil

I’ve always struggled with the concept of being “good enough”; in my everyday life as well as in my creative endeavors. For some reason, our norm is surrounded by the idea of comparing ourselves to others and having this warped idea of “perfection”. I’ve learned the hard way, though, that the concept, in fact, does not exist; and that is just ok.  All day, every day we are in a constant state of judgement, whether it be of others or others judging us. In some ways it can be a healthy idea of competition, incentive to do better, or be something more. However, in the grand scheme of things it provides more negative than positive.

Recently I have opened myself up to the idea of praising my imperfections and the things that make me who I am. As a teacher and artist I would like to pass on this idea to all of you. We are individuals for a reason. Life would be entirely too boring if we achieved that idea of perfection that everyone is so fond of. Let yourself be imperfect, let your art be free. It is in imperfection that we find our light, our art and our happiness. It is so difficult to work on a project, or even simply get ready in the morning with these constant thoughts of what is to be deemed worth looking at. I have said before, though, we must focus on the things that make our heart feel warm and that make our very soul tremble with utter joy.

Our gifts in this life include our creativity and our freedom to be exactly who we are, which is unlike anyone else. Don’t work to mold yourself into a robotic world, but instead work to break away from the norm, from that which is “perfect”. Allow your thoughts and feelings to run free through color and texture. Open your heart and mind to the things that make you different, unique, individual. There is no one out there that can accomplish what you can through your creative freedom. Stop comparing and start creating!

* My featured image shows the inside of the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I thought it appropriate because it emphasizes the mind’s battle with itself (almost like two separate people). I felt it made sense with this post because we can empathize with Dr. Jekyll’s struggle as a man who wants to accomplish so much but lets his doubt and negativity get the best of him*


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