Making Time for Art

Between jobs, internships, chores, and random other summer happenings, it can be pretty difficult to find time to sit down and paint. Sure, I have time to sketch some random things, but there just doesn’t seem like there’s time to really concentrate and work on the canvas. So, my goal for this week is to actually work for a couple of hours on the canvas in my studio space. One way I can make sure I actually do this is by de-cluttering my ‘studio space.’ Recently, I have just kind of been dumping random junk there, and unless I clean up my studio space, I will always have an excuse to not sit down and paint. Additionally, I will organize my studio space so that I will have a glass of water on hand to clean my brushes, tubes of paint out, and a few brushes so that if I get inspired all-of-the-sudden, I will have my space ready. One of the most important things as an artist is to always have supplies ready, otherwise it’s just too easy to make up an excuse not to get work done.

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