Non-traditional Art

Last week, I mentioned that I love murals because it’s a type of art that doesn’t require a gallery visit in order to be appreciated. This got me thinking about other forms of art or activities in my daily life that require artistic thought and creativity.


While I don’t put on makeup every day, I do really enjoy it. I think the process is fun, much like the process for creating a piece of art. Makeup artists have the capabilities of completely transforming the face. Makeup that I’m particularly fascinated with is that of runway shows because the face is used as a part of the fashion. Makeup artists must find a way to tie the face to the rest of the outfit according to a certain vision, requiring a careful selection of products and colors. It is also important to note that while a painter’s canvas is still and can give no feedback, a makeup artist’s canvas is moving, breathing, and can express absolute hatred for the artist’s work.

Interior Design

This is already a widely accepted form of art, but it’s something every person uses, perhaps without realizing it. Every time you reorganize your living room, or hang pictures on the wall, you’re using a creative process to determine the composition that is most pleasing. I really enjoy redecorating my room and creating a space that I feel comfortable in. I actually dream about the day I am able to decorate an entire apartment or house. If you don’t believe me, I have an entire Pinterest board to prove it.


This is a little far-fetched, but stay with me. If you’re like me, you look forward to starting your flower garden every year. I spend a lot of time every spring choosing flowers according to their colors because I like choosing a color scheme. One year I was particularly admiring the combination of orange, purple, and green. This year I’m just going as bright and as colorful as possible. Composition is also important in gardening. You have to worry about putting tall flowers in the back so you don’t block the smaller plants, which flowers grow better in shade or direct light, and which flowers grow well together and which ones do not. These are all factors in determining the composition of the garden.

Personally, things are much more meaningful and enjoyable when I am able to think about them critically and artistically. Try taking a look at some of your everyday tasks and transform them into creative decisions.

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