From Fence to Flag

For one of my first projects of the summer I created a flag out of a piece of fence. The brief story behind why I used a piece of fence was that my dad had bought a 6 foot fence but only needed it to be 4 feet. So he had to cut it down so that it would be the correct size for our backyard.

With that being said, my dad wanted me to make a flag out of the left over fence that he cut. Since it was a narrower piece of fence making the 50 stars, he knew how much I love anchors and said I should look up the Ensign Flag and try to do that. The Ensign flag is the American flag with an anchor in the blue part with 13 stars surrounding it in a circle. So I went to Illustrator I created my anchor and my stars. I then printed, cut, and traced the design onto the fence which I had already painted red, white and blue.

You are probably thinking well that’s interesting but where would you put that? Well, conveniently, the fence had a longer part at the end which was then just turned into a stack for it to stand up in the ground outside.

Finding things around the house to use and creating something that can be either useful or just for decoration is always fun to do!

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