And that’s a wrap…

I’m sad to announce that this is my last blog post and I am signing on to write for the last time before graduation. But I plan to relaunch my personal WordPress site——over the summer as I continue my journey by teaching art at a summer program in my home town. So go on over for updates on my lessons and personal art creations!

This post isn’t about the relaunch of my own blog though, as I would love to recap the amazing things that my high schoolers created during my last placement!

The first lesson that I taught was in ceramics and they created a set of two or more mugs that had to work together cohesively. My students in ceramics went above and beyond with everything they were asked to do!

In Art 2 we worked on linoleum cut relief prints for a few weeks before moving on to watercolors and collage. Here they learned about different collage artists and watercolor techniques as well as grid blowups. They’re turning out great and I couldn’t have asked for better results with the prints!

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Prints Display

Art 1 worked on perspective with me. We started with one point linear perspective and created an interior room. Then we moved into two point perspective and students will be creating a cityscape with surreal elements, so they were required to look into Surreal Artists for inspiration to present to the class.

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Both the ceramics class and Art 2 class, as a prerequisite to ceramics, participated in The Empty Bowl Project. We helped crest ceramic bowls to be sold at the May First Friday to help feed those in need. I am very proud of my students for partaking in this amazing event and it was amazing to even see some of them downtown buying their bowls to support a great cause!

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