And The Clock Struck Midnight

As many of you know, I am graduating this fall, and on April 2nd, 2019 I registered for my last semester of my undergrad here at Marywood. Truth be told it was a bittersweet moment. In freshman year, we would stay up until midnight with all of our friends and wait for the clock to hit midnight and pray would get the classes we needed. We would scream at the computers when the website would crash due to the mass volume of students all trying to register at once. Long story short it was a stressful time that sometimes meant we had to replan our schedules last moment in order to get some classes we need, or meet the full time student requirement. It gets easier as you progress here at Marywood. The higher the class, the sooner you can register. Registering as a senior is the weirdest feeling. You realize your time as a student is coming to an end, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but at the same time you have this moment of wow, look how far I have come.

Still Flying Design Update: I want to congratulate the winner of the Still Flying website design, junior design student Alex Jubinsky!

Looking for weekend plans? This Saturday is the Art Department’s Senior Show! Come and meet the artists behind the work, and check out all of the hard work the seniors did! Make sure to come show your love and support on April 6th from 2-4pm in the Mahady and Suraci Galleries! If you cannot make it to the opening reception, the show runs until April 16th.

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