Testing Photoshop

The past few weeks, and the next, my Basic Photography class has been taking time away from projects and has been focusing on editing some old photos on Photoshop.

I have never used Photoshop until this class, so I have been using this time to teach myself and watching YouTube tutorials. I have been enjoying this time to teach myself new skills to be able to make my photography even better.

Although it is tough to understand at first, I am getting better little by little and am thankful for the time Dennis is giving us.

I first started by trying to darken the background in the photo before so my subject could stand out a little more.

I also edited out the hat peeking out from this photo to make it a bit more scary.

Finally, I simply edited out blemishes from my subject in this photo.

In my featured photo, you can see I added a glitch effect.

Check out more of my work here, and if you have any tips for Photoshop please message me via Instagram! And as a side note, I am doing the 100 day challenge on my photography page, so be sure to check out my progress and see what is “smile worthy” in my life.

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