Chevrolet Camaro Illustration

Back home a good friend of mine owns a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS. He has been working on rebuilding it for the past for years. It still needs work, but it is a beast. I wanted to come up with a drawing for him that he would enjoy. I have always appreciated the thrill when he would take me for a drive. There is something unique about a classic car that cannot be replicated. It is up to those who have a passion to keep them alive.


Using a photo that he had sent me I went to work. I had done a few sketches of a simple line drawing of the car to start off. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth is an inspiration to myself and many others. The famous illustrator, custom car designer, and the creator of Rat Fink has provided a unique, but eye catching style. He is extremely talented and has left his mark on the automotive world.


After the line drawing, I transferred it into my Sketchbook program and traced it. I used color from the image and also my imagination to put together to somewhat match the photo. I was thinking of doing a more oil painting-like drawing, but ended up with simple colors instead. I also simplified many parts of the car, not paying attention to every detail.


I am pleased with the final product, but I will still make adjustments to improve the drawing. I may attempt to complete a more “realistic” version and even a traditional medium one as well.

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