Andrew Joseph Keith

While I was scrolling on Instagram when I stumbled upon an eye-catching piece that appeared on my phone screen. The piece in question was of a figure that subtly implied a masculine nature. The shape was compact, and I believe started as a cube of the material before the artist gave it purpose. The mood delicate but is still impactful, and what I interpret from this sculpture is depression, defeat, and devastation. The sculpture was made by Andrew Joseph Keith, an American figurative sculptor. This piece is made of Limestone, which is a soft stone that is easy to crave into and it is durable as well. It reminds me of the style Keith Haring is known for, with his simplified but remarkable figures, and also the icon Venus of Willendorf from 25,00 BP. Andrew’s works remind me why I minor in 3D design.

Andrew post frequently on his Instagram showing his finished works as well as tutorials, step by step process of creations, promotes his source material, personal life tidbits, and shares what media and tools he uses for different projects. He also has a personal website where he sells his pieces and receives commissions when available. On his website, he has a personal testimony where he expresses how he became the artist he is today. He is quoted to say,

“…I have always enjoyed drawing and painting people but after my first sculpture class I chose to focus on sculpture, especially stone sculpture. Stone has a weight, presence, and inherent value. Through it I connect with artists over the ages who have worked with stone for thousands upon thousands of years. The gesture of the human body is the most important factor in my artwork and I enjoy capturing it in a variety of styles from realistic to highly stylized…” –Andrew Joseph Keith

You can also follow him on YouTube where Andrew discusses his creative process and has time-lapse videos of him make his sculptures.

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