Looking At Ken Price

Hello again!  We may have been back to classes in spirit but it is very exciting to look for to being back on campus proper.  I’m missing my favorite views from the Insalaco Center and can’t wait to get my hands dirty. Until then I’ve been trying to consider art that, so far, has been wildly different from the preconceived notions I have of my own work.  Most notably for me, I am very interested in the forms created by artist Ken Price.  He was an American born sculptor and painter who created work from the 1950’s until his passing from cancer in 2012.

Ken Price 1992
Mr. Price in his studio in Venice, CA., 1992
Image Citation – The New York Times

When you read about Mr. Price, a notable feature of his work is his ability to pour his personality and sense of humor into these odd, often huge, abstract shapes.  His work is notable for its electric-looking glazes and an err of playfulness.  I am most drawn to the subversion of the technical sophistication of Price’s work and their light humor.  He also studied with Peter Voulkos, which I find interesting for how different the two men’s work seems to be, and how I find something in both artists work that makes me want to think more critically about my own ideas of ceramic art.

From left, “Percival,”
and “Lying Around,” seen in 2010 at
Matthew Marks Gallery in New York.

Image Citation – The New York Times

Another piece that I find incredibly endearing is this Snail Cup (1968).

Ken Price Snail Cup 1968
Snail Cup, 1968
Image Citation – Kenneth Price

Below is a video of a posthumous showing of Ken Price’s work and is worth the brief visual tour of some of his art by his son. More of Ken Price’s work can be seen on his website.

What’s Playing – It has been a hectic week getting my feet under me at the start of this semester. I really have been getting too distracted to listen to music. I will change that for next week 🙂

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