Work for the Week

This week, while managing to get ready to return on campus, I found myself managing to crank out a lot of progress on some of my work, both independent and school related. I am particularly excited for this as I am much more productive when in an isolated environment and I can avoid unwarranted distractions. Therefore I anticipate that I’ll produce a lot more quality of works. To keep myself in a stress free mindset I play some instrumental music and maintain a consistent pace for completing work.

The piece on the left is a recent update regarding my pen and ink work. Unfortunately, I have yet to complete the piece, but through consistent effort I am making slow, but steady progress. While it is almost done, the work still has much left that is in need of address. The individual skin textures on the piece still need to be more refined and the highlights are not all in place, therefore there is inconsistencies in contrast. In addition to this, there is the background and elements that are separate from the main object that need to be accounted for. With that being said, I appreciate how the work incorporates texture and depth to create a semi-realistic representation of an octopus.

As for the other work, I was assigned to create a series comprising of non-objective pieces that incorporated black and white, as well as grey to create a visually appealing design. While I don’t find myself being an expert in painting, I thought this work was done relatively well as it conveys a lot of movement and curvilinear shapes. However, one element I would change would be the amount of detail I put into the piece, as I feel its too simple. With that being said, the professor liked the work, however encouraged me to work more free and messy for my next piece.

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