Animal Kingdom Meets Avatar

A couple weeks ago I got to experience Disney’s new Avatar World at its Animal Kingdom park. An entire chunk of Animal Kingdom is now based on James Cameron’s movie, Avatar. The creation of this new land was basically a giant art project by the Imagineers who work for Disney. They had to base even the smallest aspects of the new land on what one would see and experience in the actual movie.

The first thing you notice and one of the coolest aspects of this new side to Animal Kingdom, was the giant floating rocks that are suspended high in the air, just like in Avatar. As you start walk around you are surrounded by exotic looking plants real and created, matching the environment you might walk around on the planet Pandora. The structures were also hand built with each small detail needing to be handmade by the Imagineers. They have creatures that you mind find as well that shoot out water from their backs within ponds around the area. If you stick around towards the end of the night the whole place starts to glow with certain fauna glowing green, purple, and blue. The ground also glows with greens to light up the pathways.

They even go as far as to create exotic looking foods, like a hamburger and turning it into something that looks a dumpling. They also have drinks with exotic tasting fruits and flavored bubbles that taste like fruit. If you are really an Avatar fan, they have an Avatar-making center where they take you picture and turn you into your own Avatar. Then with this you can customize it to be made into your own Avatar action figure!

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