Anticipating Studio Time

Within this semester approaching, I am enrolled in an Advanced Painting course. I am not sure if this is the class I am most excited for or my art therapy classes, but I know that I cannot wait for both to begin. From only hearing great things about this course from friends having it before, I’m extremely excited to spend a lot of time in the studio and give more time to art.

Taking this course at a graduate level means the students only have a set time for one day of the week, but can come in as they choose to work on their own paintings. Dealing with all of the typical college obstacles, I always have the struggle to give time to my art. But now that there is a class dedicated to creating things in my style, I am more the excited to start the journey. Not only will this course give me a chance to explore my style and practice different materials/mediums I am interested in, but it will also give me an opportunity to create paintings for my Senior Show coming this Fall 2018 (which is another thing I have been anticipating for a long time!) As you can read within past articles from this summer, I have been trying to practice as much as I can with painting already. I think this course will be a great source of work, time, and dedication but also fun, adventure, and exploration.

Throughout this semester coming up, I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my journey as well as more art therapy articles!

Featured Image: The set up in the studio!

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