Art for Good

One thing I am very passionate about is recycling. I feel that recycling is something that everyone should do because it helps save the planet that we live on. Without Earth, we would not exist.

Recycling is also super easy. When you’re out in public, it’s often as simple as putting the correct object in the correct bin. Sometimes, people just don’t do it, even though it’s super easy.

Sometimes, people just need a little push in the right direction. My friend Sadie and I are collecting and recycling cans at my church festival this weekend. We thought we would try something a little different to get people to recycle their cans instead of throwing them out.

We wanted to make recycling more fun! So I painted hungry little monsters onto the lids of the cans.

Something that is super simple and silly really does make a difference sometimes! It might be childish and seem really silly, but it is an adorable way to draw attention to recycling!

I also put my hand lettering skills to the test.


Hopefully, all the little touches we added will really make a difference!

Remember to recycle!

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