Appreciation is Key!

Nothing like the holidays to really put you into an appreciative mind set! I try and stay appreciative every day but being around my family a little more than usual during the holiday season really makes me more grateful than ever!

The one thing that pushes me to be my best and do my best without a doubt is my family, especially my parents. I really strive on their love and support. I am beyond thankful I have people right by my side to really encourage me! I do not think I truly appreciated my family the way I do now until I started college. I think it is so important to have family right there with you for support. College is like the Gates of Paradise (East Doors on the Florence Baptistery). These huge golden bronze doors are leading you into your future and going in alone can be a bit intimidating at first but I am glad I am not going through this alone.

My family really influences, inspires, and pushes me. I am glad I have them on my side showing a great deal of interest towards one of my greatest passions, art. That is all I could ever ask from them!


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