Aroma Therapy

Therapy can come is many different ways, aroma, yoga, art, or music. There is such a variety when it comes to therapy. But not all work the same for everybody, so it is good to not give up if one does not work! Recently, I took a little break from art therapy and tried a little bit of aroma therapy.

Aroma therapy is definitely not for all, but for those who do like it, it is relaxing. I recently got a diffuser with a bunch of great oils and some not so great smelling … but they still do the trick! I never was interested in aroma therapy until a class I had this past semester called Stress and Coping. This class consisted of all different coping mechanisms and how stress effects the body. One of the lessons taught was aroma therapy and how different smells can help stress. So I took my chance and tried it out! It seems that if there is any pain or stress your body is going through, there is an oil for it! If not oil does the trick, mixing oils also is extremely beneficial. I’ll just give you a little run down on each of the oils I know about:

  • Thieves – germ killer
  • Digize – stomachache healer
  • Copaiba – sleep and anxiety, also a strengthener for other oils
  • Purification – hides smells, stops itching from bug bites
  • Lemon – mood and energy lifting
  • Panaway – icy hot kind of healer for pain
  • R.C. – respiratory and congestion problems
  • Lavender – healer for anything – great for sleep!
  • Frankincense – sleep and skin care
  • Peppermint – energizer
  • Stress Away – anxiety

Essential oil brand, Young Living, spreading the love through oils!

Although some can be ingested and some may smell not so great … these essential oils work great! Again, it may not be everyone but definitely worth the try! Maybe trying one at a time may be better if you’re a little hesitant on smells. Not all therapy comes from art, but there’s a therapy out there for everyone!

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