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This is officially my final blog post for Where Creativity Works. It’s been a wonderful time. During my time here I was able to cover the Student Spotlight, Painting, and On Campus Art News. Each position gave me a different opportunity.

For my last post, I wanted to take the time to talk about one of my favorite projects from last semester that I finally got around editing the photos for called The Last Survivor. In my General Illustration I class (which was also combined with Graphic Design II), we worked in teams to create board games. My team worked on a lighthearted board game centered around survival during the apocalypse. Players must traverse across the board to reach a Save Haven while collecting (or loosing) Life Tiles along the way. I was tasked with creating the playing pieces (the characters), designing the Life Tiles, creating the dice, and creating the illustrations for the playing board.

The project provided us the opportunity to work in a group environment complete with an “art director” and had us all create art that would cohesively work together with the style of the game

At first, we all worked separately on our own computers not fully aware of what everyone else was doing. A few days before the project was due, we started printing mockup pieces and we could see how the game was finally coming together. The day before the project was due, I enlisted my friends to do a test run of the game. Based on that, we made some changes to the instructions and the board. It was good to have outsider feedback because while things made sense to us it didn’t necessarily make sense to those who didn’t create the game.

The game was a hit with those who have played it so far, and it was great to work on a project like this. It also provided me with an amazing portfolio piece.

I’ve had fun blogging this past year and I’ll definitely miss it.


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