Finished Pet Painting

I finished the painting that I started last week of my two pet rats, and I think it came out ok! The feet of my rats were difficult to do because their feet are light pink and I have no idea where their toes are. Therefore I just tried by best to make them look good.

I still wish I have done this in charcoal. I have always been good at drawing but my paintings never satisfied me as my drawing did. So, I pulled out some drawing that I did years ago from high school for my portfolio review at Marywood because I wanted to look back at my old work and maybe inspire and motivate me to do a charcoal drawing soon.

I was always good at charcoal, watercolor, and dot work but not painting. I haven’t done any work like this since high school, and since I changed my major from art therapy to arts administration. I love learning and looking at art but doing the actual work is harder for me now because I don’t have the passion for it like I use to, which is why I switched majors. But, maybe I’ll try to do more art this semester because I do miss it.

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