Artists & Their Studios, Part 1

Hi guys! I was looking online and I found a site that has a variety of photos showing some artists’ studios! I thought I could show a few artist’s and their studios, and provide some background information on each.

Claude Monet


Sometimes confused with Manet, Monet is a French Impressionist painter during the 1800s. He is well known for his unique hazy art style, and landscape paintings. Since he concentrated on the Impressionist movement, he promoted the idea of capturing the moment. This meaning that you should paint what you see at a certain time/moment. Two good works of his that I’m familiar with are Impression, Sunrise and his series on the Rouen Cathedral.

Pablo Picasso


Picasso is a modern artist that almost everyone has seen/heard of, in one way or another. He is a Spanish artist, but he spent most of his life in France. He and Cezanne created the the Cubist movement. One of his first cubist work was was Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This work was the start of Analytical Cubism, which re-analysed form with abstraction. Later, he concentrated on Synthetic cubism, which was collage style. Throughout his life, Picasso experimented with techniques and styles in order to push his work even further than it was during his time (as many modern artists did).

Auguste Rodin


Rodin is an modern French sculpture who concentrated on realism, even though he was born during the modern age. His work, in my opinion, is detailed and extensive. He mainly concentrated on sculpture. Two of my favorite works by him are The Age of Bronze and The Kiss.

Constantin Brancusi


Brancusi was a Romanian artist, who started off working as an apprentice/craftsman. Later, he decided that he wanted to go to art school in Paris, since France had some of the world’s best art and artists. What I find amazing is that Brancusi was an active artist during the same time that Rodin was! And Brancusi was so far from realism. Some of his works are: The Kiss, The Endless Column, and Unique Forms of Continuity in Space.

Frida Kahlo


Kahlo was a Mexican artist, who I’m not too familiar with but I’ve heard great things about. Most of her works represents the Mexican culture. Based on some research, I found a quote by her that said: “There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.” This meaning that her love, Diego, was the most tragic event in her life, even worse then being hit by a trolley. Two famous works by her are The Two Fridas and Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird.

Piet Mondrian


Lastly, Mondrian was a modern Netherlands artist. His work can be seen as simplest, yet very thought out and constructed. He was involved in an art group called De Stifl, which is Dutch for “The Style.” This art style concentrated on very abstract works, that included geometry. Some of his well known works are Broadway Boogie Woogie and Composition.

All Images are from | Featured Image is Gustave Boulanger

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